St. Joseph Elementary School Shelton announces new $70,000 'Bob Scinto Scholarship’ program – apply by May 1

Due to a generous grant from Mr. Bob Scinto, well-known real estate developer and business leader in Shelton, 35 Bob Scinto Scholarships, each worth $2,000 are being given to new students registering in St. Joseph Elementary School in Shelton for the 2016-17 school year.

Bishop Frank Caggiano of the Diocese of Bridgeport made the announcement of the Bob Scinto Scholarship program, worth $70,000 at an open meeting attended by 100 members of the local community on  April 5.

Announcing Mr. Scinto’s generous grant, Bishop Caggiano observed that “St. Joseph’s School is serving the source of students that traditionally Catholic education was created for: a multicultural, racially and ethnically diverse student body, spanning all socio-economic backgrounds.”

Bishop Caggiano voiced his strong support for the renaissance taking place at St. Joseph School under the leadership for the past two years of Principal Steve Anderson, former principal of Central High School in Bridgeport and Connecticut’s 2007 Principal of the Year.

Monsignor Chris Walsh, Pastor of St. Joseph Parish, which has sponsored St. Joseph School for 89 years, says “I am delighted that due to the Bob Scinto Scholarship, the $3 million Bishop’s Scholarship Fund (funds still available for new students) and the local Guardian Angels Fund (available for new and current students), attending St. Joseph’s school next year will be more affordable than ever which is great news for the valley.Scholarships are exclusively for students attending St. Joseph’s School.

This particular scholarship program also includes new students in grades K-8 whose older siblings already attend the school.  The Bob Scinto Scholarship is given out on a first come first served basis so it’s recommended that families apply today.

To reserve a place for the upcoming school year and apply for scholarships, contact Angela Mantero by May 1, 2016 at  (203) 331-6834 or join them at their open house on April 21, 5pm – 8pm (St. Joseph School, 430 Coram Ave, Shelton).

Contact information:

-Angela Mantero, Director of Enrollment and Marketing at(203) 331-6834

-Msgr. Christopher Walsh, Pastor at (203) 893-7152