Students awarded in American Legion Oratorical Contest

The board of education honored Shelton High School and Intermediate students as they prepared to accept their award for the 2015-2016 American Legion Oratorical Contest at its June 22 meeting.

The contest included the students delivering a speech to a group of judges from the American Legion. Shelton High's theme was on national pride and Intermediate's was the First Amendment and their rights.

The Shelton High winners were as follows: Deloshene Sittambalam in first place, Keyur Shah in second, Sejal Bhargava in third and Samantha Tiberi in fourth.

Shelton Intermediate School winners were as follows: David Adamson at first, Pauline Makinano in second, Raymond Sakr at third and Jenna Melanson in fourth.

"Well I felt a bit nervous going in front of the entire board of education I'm going to say that, it wasn't as easy as it sounds," said Adamson.

Adamson delivered a speech that challenged the First Amendment, and shared the good times he had with his classmates making the speeches.

"He's doing really good and he's mature for a 14 year old," said Michael Adamson, his father.

Keyur Shah the salutatorian for Shelton High's 2016 class discussed how his speech played on comparing the constitution to sports. He said that politics resembles games in how people like to yell in frustration from the couch.

"It is one thing to yell from sidelines it’s another thing to go out and understand it and to better understand yourself,” said Shah. “That is what I think this competition is an opportunity for."

The rest of the students continued to go up and present the main idea of their speeches to the crowd. Superintendent Dr. Chris Clouet and curriculum leader for social studies in Shelton High, James Hill took the time to thank and shake hands with each student.