Students raise money for 'random acts of kindness'

Thirty-seven dozen green-and-white frosted doughnuts sold out within minutes last Thursday at Shelton Intermediate School. Even those students who walked away empty-handed dropped money in a collection jar.

The school’s Teen CORP (community outreach program) held the sale to raise money for a special project, in honor of the Sandy Hook Elementary students and teachers killed. While each doughnut was priced at a dollar, kids were paying with five- or 10-dollar bills, and one parent donated a check for $250. Altogether, the sale raised $1,000 in about 15 minutes, according to Teen CORP club adviser Gail Gibbons.

“Since what happened in Newtown was a random act of evil, we’re going to balance that with random acts of kindness,” Headmaster Ken Saranich said.

The money will be used to buy gift cards, and the students in the group will choose 26 people to give the gifts to, in honor of each victim.

When Huntington’s Donut Center heard that the students wanted to have the sale in honor of Newtown, the owner donated all 37 dozen, according to the club’s other adviser, Kathy Maffucci.

“The students came to me and they really wanted to do this,” Maffucci said. “I thought we’d never be able to get it done right before Christmas break. Then when I called for the doughnuts and they said they wanted to donate all of it, I couldn’t believe it.”

Maffucci said the students want to help make a difference in the wake of such a horrible event.

“It’s so important to let them feel empowered,” she said.