Summer reading programs underway

Children, teens and adults have the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely read by joining the summer reading clubs offered at the Plumb Memorial Library and the Huntington Branch Library in Shelton.

The clubs opened on June 18 and will run through August. Marcia Austin, the family services librarian at the Huntington Branch Library, said the clubs for kids and teens have been extended an extra week because of the early school let out.

The purpose of the summer reading clubs is to encourage recreational reading.

“We like reading ourselves so we like to promote an activity that we find enjoyment with,” Austin said.

Although the concept of the reading programs is the same the setup is different for each age group.

As part of the children’s reading program kids ages three and up have the option of reading books from their school reading list or for their own pleasure. They can also read Egyptian books for the libraries’ “Read Like and Egyptian” theme. The books they choose however do not have to be owned by the library and can be downloaded for e-readers such as Kindles or Nooks. Austin said their reading program also allows the kids to use magazines as alternative reading.

Each library has a different method for keeping track of what the students read. If the kids are members of the reading program at Huntington Branch, they bring each completed reading in to be weighed. Austin said the weights of Egyptian books are doubled. At Plumb, the kids complete a book report by either drawing a visual summary of the book or by talking about it with one of the teen volunteers.

After each book report is completed, Barbara Fritsch a librarian in the children’s department at the Plumb library, said the kids will receive a ticket for a chance to win a prize at a weekly drawing held every Monday.

The kids’ reading clubs would not be able to run without the help of the teen volunteers said Austin.

“They are absolutely essential to us and we are very, very happy that they have decided to give us their time,” she said.

Teens entering grades 7 through 12 and adults 18 and over also have the chance to win prizes from either library program at weekly drawings, each time they complete a book review.

In addition to the prizes from the weekly drawings, each time they turn in a book review, teens will receive either a candy bar or a “Plumb Buck,” which can be used at book sales or to pay book fines.

At the end of the reading clubs, Plumb library will hold parties for each age group and all the participants will receive prizes.

The closing dates are different at each library. Plumb’s clubs will be open until Aug. 3 for kids, Aug. 17 for teens and Aug. 12 for adults. The clubs at Huntington Branch will close on the Aug. 3 for kids, Aug. 16 for teens and Aug. 13 for adults. Registration is still open to anyone interested in joining.

To find out more information about the reading programs at Plumb contact the adult department at 203-924-1580 or the children’s department at 203-924-9461. To find out more about the programs at Huntington Branch, contact 203-926-0111.