Sunnyside Elementary School Donates Crayons

This past school year, Sunnyside Elementary students brought unwanted crayons from home and school to a donation box in the Library Learning Commons.

The crayons were sent to The Crayon Initiative where all are melted down, remanufactured and distributed to art programs in hospitals all around the country. More than a half-million pounds of unwanted crayons are thrown into landfills and turn into waxy sludge that never biodegrades.

In January, local restaurants in Shelton joined Sunnyside Elementary in the effort to keep unwanted crayons out of landfills by displaying The Crayon Initiative boxes for children to discard their crayons if they did not want to bring them home.

This summer, the crayons were brought to the AC Moore craft store for shipping to The Crayon Initiative. The AC Moore Foundation also donated $1 for every pound of crayons collected.