Sunnyside media center to open in October

Much progress has been on the Sunnyside School’s roof project and revamping of its library/media center. According to Superintendent of Shelton Schools Dr. Chris Clouet, the project will be completed and the school’s “information hub” will reopen in early October.

Clouet said the media center still has to have its floors repaired and cleaned, the walls need to be painted, and the new furniture has to be moved in before the students can put it to good use.

“We are anticipating a ribbon cutting date for the Back-to-School night in October,” said Clouet.

The Superintendent announced that the second phase of the project will cover the rest of the school’s leaky roof and is expected to be completed by the end of summer 2017.

It’s been a lengthy process of getting the school’s roof repaired and although there’s still more to complete, but Clouet said it’s a step in the right direction.

“It’s my job to work with people and get along with our partners and I intend to do that,” said Clouet. “We’re feeling like it’s been a great demonstration of the commitment of the city to the community at Sunnyside School.”

Clouet explained the significance of the school’s revamped library.

“We know media centers are essential in modern learning,” said Clouet. “The idea is that media centers are moving away from the traditional view of libraries, we still have books available, but we are expanding as we continue to move further into the digital age. Digital tools, computers, cameras, video cameras, etc. are all a part of what kids work with now. We are delighted that we will have an up to date media center for our kids.”

Sunnyside Principal Amy Yost said she’s excited to see the new academic heights reached by students with the help of the new and improved media center.

“We’re excited for the grand opening of the school’s grand reopening of the media center/library and we are focused on creating more stim activities as well as implementing some innovative curriculum within that area,” said Yost.