Sunnyside raises more than $8,000 with acts of kindness

Students taped up principal as a reward


Students at Sunnyside Elementary School have been learning the importance of being kind to one another through one of its two ongoing fundraisers called, Raise Craze.

The fundraiser was raised $8,240, and was different than fundraisers the school’s PTO had organized in the past.

Raise Craze is an online-based program in which students create profiles and then reach out to their families and friends to collect donations via those profiles.

The catch is the donors aren’t receiving any physical item in return.

Instead, for every donation students collect, they must pay the donor back with an act of kindness. The action doesn’t have to be directed at or include the donor, but focuses more on the student making a positive impact on someone else’s life or community.

The kids completed over 200 acts of kindness in total at the end of the fundraiser’s two week duration.

1st grader Evan Dansereau was the top fundraiser, he raised $715. 1st grader Tyler Kudej was the student with the most acts of kindness, completing 15 acts of kindness during the two week fundraising campaign.

Both Dansereau and Kudej will have their profiles hung up in the school with their titles of Top Fundraiser and Most Acts of Kindness kept on display.

Although the possibility of having their names on display for the entire school to see served as some motivation, students were excited to complete acts of kindness and raise money because the school’s overall reward was to tape their principal, Amy Yost, to a wall in the gymnasium.

Yost said she enjoyed the experience and was happy to see positivity spread throughout the school.
The school’s plan is to use the money collected through the campaign to fund field trips, new school supplies and a new playground.