Sunnyside roof to be completed by start of 2017-18 school year

Superintendent Dr. Chris Clouet said Sunnyside School will open up on time, with no problems and a brand new roof in time for the 2017-18 school year.

Despite asbestos being present in the building’s roof deck, Clouet said the school is safe to open for the upcoming school year.

“There’s no cause for alarm, according to the law,” said Clouet.

The superintendent explained that there’s a chance that a portion of the repairs might not be completed by September of this year.

“If there’s any part of the roof that is not completed, it will most likely be a part that is over the gymnasium and it will only be for the first few days of school,” said Clouet. “It’s possible, but not likely and if it does occur, school will operate as scheduled, but the gymnasium will be off-limits until it is complete.”

Mayor Mark Lauretti called this school roof repair process an “old issue.”

“I’ve probably been a part of 15 roofs in 26 years,” said Lauretti. “I do this in my sleep.”

The city’s supervisor of facilities, John Calhoun was unavailable for comment as of Thursday afternoon.