Supporting the local dog park

At the Gardens of Shelton’s Dog Park, flowers have begun to bloom in bright yellows and purple. Avid park goers enjoy the scenery and a network of residents who also share a love for the piece of land.

"I feel this is a really busy place, the gardens are gorgeous and there is only a handful of people who maintain all this area besides the town,” said Shelton resident and park volunteer Allison Knick-Menendez. “So what we would like to see is a way to get it across to people that they can help too.”

Knick-Menendez, along with another volunteer, Shelton resident Susan Figlar, have been reaching out to inform and gather volunteers to improve the dog park and its gardens.

Figlar encouraged people with trade skills to help clean up the weeds in the dog park and hollow out the stumps near the entrance sign, which they will neaten up with flowers.

Figlar said she would also like to see visitors of the dog park follow the rules such as cleaning after their pets and keeping them on leashes after they leave the fenced area.

"What we would like to see here is a way to convey the idea that although you may be working nine-to-five, there might be something you can do to just make this just that much better of a place to be,” Knick-Menendez said.

Currently, she has put together a wish list for the park for those who would like to contribute to the park and garden.

The list includes:13 sections of 10-foot-lengths of post and rail fence to add on to the existing one, help installing the fence, wood to build a fence around the porta potty, plastics bags for waste, picnic tables and a receptacle for recycling plastic bottles.

"We really just want people to say 'I love this dog park and these gardens; what can I do to help?’” said Figlar.

To make a donation or for more information on ways to volunteer, Knick-Menendez can be contacted at 203-767-0090 and or by email at