Supt. Clouet: It is never my intention to put students or staff at risk

The following message was sent out by the Superintendent of Shelton Schools Dr. Chris Clouet in regards to the transportation to school on Friday, Feb. 10 following his announcement of a two hour delay.

As you can imagine, it is never my intention to put students or staff at risk.

Based on information I received, directly from authorities & other credible sources, indicating that there had been no accidents over night, and that the roads, while not great, were passable, I decided to delay (last night).

I now realize there were more icy conditions than originally anticipated.

Many bus drivers did not come into work, so some of the routes (in addition to being late) ‘doubled up’ to get students to school, even if it was on a different bus.

I am sorry for the difficult situation today. I will certainly take this experience into account the next time there is bad weather.

Any student not attending school today will be marked “excused”. It will not count against eligibility for ‘perfect attendance’.