The first suggestion of the Baldyga family auditioning for TV's Family Feud game show came up as a joke, but soon the family found themselves at an audition at Foxwoods Casino to be on the longtime game show.

“I think the whole time through the entire process, we had the feeling” that they could be picked to be on the show, said Kellie Baldyga, one of the members on the show that debuted on Tuesday. On one hand, they wanted to be on, and on the other hand, “we kind of hope we don’t get picked, it’s super intimidating.”

All in all, Kellie said, “it was so worth it.”

In the episode that aired on May 14, the Baldygas won the four rounds and got to the final round, “Fast Money.” Her sister Kristen and husband Ken took part in Fast Money. They came just shy of the 200 points they needed for the $20,000. They went on to a second game — which aired this past November — but lost.

The process

Hundreds of families tried out during the March 2012 auditions. There were many steps before getting the final word whether they could be on TV.

They first heard about the auditions when Kellie’s father, Ken, forwarded an email from the casino about the auditions.

“He forwarded it to us as a joke, but I took it as ‘we should go,’” Kellie said. “We have to at least try.”

So they started by sending in a picture of the family and a small write-up about the members who would audition. Five appear on the show, but you may audition seven members.

On stage with Kellie — who is a publicist — was sister Kristen, a scientist, father Ken, a vice president of human resources, sister Kim, an exercise specialist and Ken, the brother-in-law, a director of admissions.

After waiting in line, potential contestants had to “feud” with two questions so producers could “get to see how you react, and interact with each other,” said Kellie.

Then the Baldygas got pulled aside for another part of the interview process at Foxwoods.

'Super excited' to get show date

“The process is long; you have to then wait for a postcard, then a phone call” for a show date, said Kellie. They got the call and “were super excited.”

In the end, the family was flown to Atlanta in July to be on the show.

“If you think you’re being obnoxious” with clapping and cheering on your family, “you have to do more,” said Kellie. “Good answer” and “Way to go” are two staples most families use to help cheer on the family.

"It’s definitely hard being on stage answering questions," Kellie said. "You have to make sure you’re listening to what’s being said, clap for the answers and think of an answer yourself. “You just have to say the first thing that comes to mind

A whole different atmosphere

The family tried to practice for their big game show debut. They got an app for survey questions, but actually being on stage with host Steve Harvey and an audience — it’s a whole different atmosphere.

“They actually say children play this game better than adults do because adults overthink” their answers, Kellie said.

Although reluctant to commit to another game show in the future, Kellie was happy she and her family shared their time on Family Feud.

“Probably, as a family, it was one of the best experiences we’ve had together,” she said.