THIS WEEKEND– Shelton Trails marathon hike #12

On Sept. 24, Saturday, at 10 a.m. Shelton Trails Marathon continues with Hike #12 along the Paugussett Trail South (originally scheduled for Sept.17).

Summary: Five-mile hike, moderately difficulty. The group will spot cars on Buddington Road so everyone can get a ride back to the beginning. This is a long hike with some long hills to climb, but there are no extremely steep sections. You will really feel like you are walking across Shelton. Weather predictions show a pleasant day. Dogs welcome.

Meeting location: At the Indian Well Hiker Parking Lot at the Falls. Note this is NOT at the beach entrance, but is the very first parking lot on the right after you turn off of Rt 110 to enter Indian Well State Park, next to the turn off for the neighborhood called "the Maples". If you are in the correct location, there will be a brown sign across the street telling people not to climb on the rocks. Click HERE to see the parking location on Google Maps.

Click HERE for more information about the hike route.

This hike is included as part of the ongoing Shelton Trails Marathon, so if you are a marathon participant, be sure to record this on your form.