THIS WEEKEND– Trails Work Party @ Oak Valley Trail, Hope Lake

Volunteers needed

The Trails Committee’s goal is to keep the trails clear and safe for everyone. That is their goal, trail maintenance and at times they create new trails. They’re actually eight volunteer Trails Committee members, and more than ever they need the assistance of others to keep up with the clearing of the 15 or so miles of trails in Shelton. The committee appreciates all who forsake a Saturday morning to join them in their endeavor.

(Note: Parents, this is a great opportunity for your high school sons and daughters to earn some community service hours and at the same time learn a little about our trail system. Shove 'em out the door for a few hours to do something useful!)

SATURDAY  Oct 15, 8:30 AM -  Oak Valley Trail at Hope Lake

The committee will be spreading wood chips on the trail where erosion and foot traffic have exposed tree roots. You can bring a lawn rake, or tools will be provided if you can't bring your own. Time and manpower permitting, the committee will also be removing the remnants of a wooden bridge that provided access to a small island.

Dress for the weather. Sturdy work gloves a necessity, waterproof shoes or boots recommended. Be sure to bring plenty to drink and maybe a snack. Keeping hydrated is very important!

They'll meet at 8:30 a.m. at the parking area at Hope Lake, near the kiosk.