THIS WEEKEND–Water is Life Walk June 10

The eighth annual Water is Life Walk, this year on the Housatonic River, arrives in Shelton on Sunday, June 10.

Organized by indigenous elder Uncí (Grandmother) Carole Bubar-Blodgett, the Water is Life Walk is an indigenous ceremony for connection and healing; to help us connect with the water of life and to one another, for nothing lives without the water.

Uncí Carole is walking the Housatonic River from source to sea, approximately 219 miles, starting and ending with New Moon Ceremonies on May 15, 2018 and June 13, 2018.

Industrial toxic waste and other pollutants have harmed the Howsatunnuck River and watershed over the years. The damage to the health of the river and watershed is long lasting. The Water is Life Walk is an opportunity to come together and heal the river and our connection to it and help prevent further damage to the river and watershed.

“Spending a month walking 220 miles in the company of a river will not automatically cleanse it of pollutants or free it from dams. But devoting such time to thinking about and caring for the water is a way to signal the intention of doing whatever it takes to ensure this water is clean and free-flowing for the next seventh generation,” said co-organizer Steph Kent.

You can participate as a walker or as a supporter, or both. The walk provides an opportunity to come together, learn about and care for the water that supports your community and to participate in indigenous sacred ceremony.

Uncí Carole extends an invitation to “all people, all faiths, to gather like the drops of water and join us in this prayer for the Sacred Water of all life.”

The Housatonic River and Watershed is central to the life of many towns and communities. The Water is Life Walk encourages community members to come together to enact our shared sacred responsibility to affirm that water is life and to protect the water.

Local environmental organizations, communities of faith and other communities, and individuals are all encouraged to participate. For more information visit and follow on facebook and twitter @WaterIsLifeWalk

For more information contact organizers Uncí Carole, Steph Kent and Lindsey Peterson at