TOMORROW—Trails Work Party on Rec Path at Wesley Drive 8:30 a.m.

The Trails Committee said they often have hikers and strollers stop to thank them when they are found working on one of Shelton's trails. Some assume that they're paid workers for the city doing their job of trying to keep the trails clear and safe for everyone. The committee is actually composed of eight unpaid members, and more than ever they need the assistance of others to keep up with the clearing of the 15 or so miles of trails in Shelton. They appreciate any and all who forsake a Saturday morning to join them in this endeavor. See what it takes to make your stroll enjoyable!

Lots of overgrowth and general trail repairs. Bring loppers, pruners, or a rake. Tools will be provided if you can't bring your own. Dress for the weather and be aware that this is tick and annoying insects season, so a  insect repellent containing Deet could keep the critters at bay.

Also, be aware that poison ivy can be encountered along the trails. Sturdy work gloves are a necessity, waterproof shoes or boots recommended. One never knows, the weather could get hot and muggy, so be sure to bring plenty to drink and maybe a snack. Keeping hydrated in this weather is very important!

The group will meet at 8:30 at the Rec. Path near 37 Wesley Drive. All are welcome.