TONIGHT–P&Z meeting Jan. 19

The much anticipated Planning and Zoning Commission meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 10 was canceled and rescheduled for Thursday, Jan. 19, at 7 p.m. in city hall.
The commission’s agenda said it was set to discuss its decision on the zone change and application for one of the largest developments in Fairfield county history, Towne Center at Shelter Ridge.

According to Rick Schultz, the decision to push the commission’s meeting back another week was for several reasons. Schultz said both commissioners Anthony Pagoda and Elaine Matto were unavailable for the meeting, the recording secretary for the commission was in New Jersey for a family emergency and there were alerts sent out for possible inclement weather. He said the commission planned to reschedule the meeting for Jan. 17 in the city hall auditorium, but there was a conflict in schedule with the Zoning Board of Appeal meeting. 

The decision to reschedule came as a surprise to Commissioner Jimmy Tickey because the P&Z commission has alternates available to fill in for those who are unable to attend. Tickey said he was not a part of the decision process.

Shelton's P&Z will meet again on Jan. 25 to discuss two other Wells family properties, one adjacent to where the Shelter Ridge property would be located and the other being a proposed assisted living facility on Saw Mill Rd.