TONIGHT-- Public hearing continues for Long Hill Ave. Condo application

Site attorney Dominick Thomas will present a modified plan for the Long Hill Ave. property at the Planning and Zoning Commission’s 7 p.m meeting in City Hall. Residents have already voiced their opposition to the application and proposed zone change from residential to a Planned Development district.
The condos would be built on what is currently a single-family property at 405 Long Hill Avenue owned by Jack and Josephine Gaida. The property would be called, "Brookview Heights."

Each condo would have two parking spaces. Dominick Thomas, attorney for the applicants, said one of the condos would cost about $300,000.

The Planning and Zoning Commission received a traffic study from developers at their previous meeting and residents are able to pick up copies by visiting their office in City Hall.

Residents have voiced their opposition to the proposed use of the land on Long Hill Ave. and speculated that the development would only cause more traffic issues as well as ruin the residential neighborhood they love.

“We’re not against development — if they wanted to build a couple of houses back there we don’t have a problem with that,” said Ben Perry who has been a Shelton resident for 40 years. “It’s the wrong spots for condos. This is a residential neighborhood with mainly one-family homes.”

Third Ward Aldermen Lynn Farrell and Board of Aldermen President John Anglace opposed the plan as well. Anglace said he believes the project is based solely off of the pursuit of profit and residents should not be forced out of their lifestyle, into “congested” conditions.

Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission, Ruth Parkins said she urges residents to continue to attend the public meetings because it’s the only way the commission is able to hear the concerns of the opposition.