TONIGHT-- Public meeting for mixed used planned development on Bridgeport Ave. and Mill St.

A public information hearing for the plans regarding the property located at Bridgeport Avenue, Mill Street, and Buddington Road will take place tonight 7 p.m in the city hall auditorium.

The site developer and staff will be present with plans and elevations and will answer questions of the public.

Formal plans have been submitted to the Planning and Zoning Commission for the 121-acre property.

Conservation requested that all development be kept on the Bridgeport Ave side of a ridge in order to protect Mill Street, Old Kings Highway, the Paugussett Trail restoration, and the Far Mill River, according to a Facebook post on the Shelton Trails & Conservation page.

Residents voiced their concerns of the city becoming cluttered with development, the loss of open space, and a heavy increase in an already bad traffic situation along Bridgeport Avenue.

The proposal does the opposite of the Conservation’s request, placing the 9-story building pictured  the top of the ridge overlooking Mill Street and the Old Kings Highway open space. This building would have 450 residential units and 900 parking spaces. The project also includes all of the following:

- 135,000 square feet of mixed retail space with 675 car spaces

-176,000 square feet of retail space with 880 car spaces

- 198,000 square feet. mixed use commercial and professional with 998 car spaces (Buddington Road entrance)

-200 assisted living units, 32,000 square feet

The Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing Wednesday, April 27.