The importance of your vote

I’ve lived in Shelton for 25 years and I work at Shelton High School in the cafeteria. You may have seen my coworkers and I at a back-to-school night with leaflets or picketing last week in front of SunnySide School. We have been reaching out to the community for support as we struggle to settle a contract that will allow us to live modestly in Shelton and provide meaningful health insurance for our families. Why are we reaching out to the public? We are doing this because our elected Board of Education members have, with only one exception, refused to engage with us. This is unacceptable.

As Shelton taxpayers, we need to elect local officials who will listen when we have concerns.. We deserve elected officials who will use the power of their office to make our government more accessible to us. I want to support candidates who take this responsibility seriously. That’s why I’ll be supporting Jimmy Tickey for the Planning & Zoning Commission. Jimmy is a bright young man with a lot to contribute to Shelton. More importantly, he has a demonstrated willingness to stand up in the face of political pressure and do the right thing for residents, not the biggest developers. We need more people like him on our local boards and commissions.