Griffin Hospital is offering members of its community the chance to become healers.

For more than two decades, Griffin Hospital has offered its volunteers free training in the energy healing methods of Reiki and Therapeutic Touch so they can help patients recover faster.

The practice of Reiki is intended to bring balance to the patient’s energy fields, thereby promoting healing on all levels — mind, body and spirit.

Therapeutic Touch is an adaptation of several healing practices in which an individual uses his or her hands to facilitate healing through a process of energy exchange so patients can focus their energy towards recovery.

Several studies have shown that these methods serve as effective ways to decrease a person’s pain and anxiety, improve the immune system, increase the sensation of well being and decrease the time needed for healing.

Griffin Hospital regularly offers workshops for Reiki and Therapeutic Touch to the community and the training is free if the attendee signs up to volunteer and commits to provide their new skill at the hospital.

For more information or to find out when the next training is scheduled, call 203-732-7555 or visit