Therapeutic healing sessions available to the community

Griffin Hospital is offering members of its community the chance to become healers.

For more than two decades, Griffin Hospital has offered its volunteers free training in the energy healing methods of Reiki and Therapeutic Touch so they can help patients recover faster.

“There is something very fulfilling and life-affirming in being able to help someone heal,” said Martha Denstedt, director of Planetree Programs and Services at Griffin Hospital. “Our Reiki and Therapeutic Touch volunteers know that they are a vital part of the healthcare team in the hospital and they have the added benefit of taking the healing techniques they’ve learned and practiced here and using them to help their friends and families.”

Ancient practice

Reiki is a form of complementary medicine based on ancient healing practices from Japan. It involves an individual using his or her hands to consciously direct healing energy to the patient. When channeled properly, this energy promotes healing by relieving energy blockages to the body. The practice of Reiki is intended to bring balance to the patient’s energy fields, thereby promoting healing on all levels — mind, body and spirit.

Therapeutic Touch is an adaptation of several healing practices in which an individual uses his or her hands to facilitate healing through a process of energy exchange so patients can focus their energy towards recovery.

Reduce anxiety

Several studies have shown that these methods serve as effective ways to decrease a person’s pain and anxiety, improve the immune system, increase the sensation of well being and decrease the time needed for healing.

Griffin Hospital uses complimentary medicine in addition to its clinical protocols. As part of this commitment, Griffin Hospital employees have formed a Human Touch Committee, which helps grow and promote the free energy healing services at the hospital, along with soft touch training, therapy dog visits and aromatherapy.

“These treatments are not only a tremendous benefit to our hospital patients, but also especially effective for patients undergoing cancer treatment,” said Laura Howell, radiation therapist at The Center for Cancer Care at Griffin Hospital and co-chair of the Human Touch Committee. “Reiki and Therapeutic Touch help patients relax and focus on healing. It works wonders for their recovery because by making our advanced medical treatments even more effective.”

Griffin Hospital regularly offers workshops for Reiki and Therapeutic Touch to the community and the training is free if the attendee signs up to volunteer and commits to provide their new skill at the hospital.

For more information or to find out when the next training is scheduled, call 203-732-7555 or visit