Triple A roadside assistance to cover bicyclists as well as motorists

To mark National Bike Safety Month in May and to respond to a growing enthusiasm for cycling, the local Triple A is rolling out a bicycle roadside assistance to members.

The new free program means AAA members can request assistance if a disabled bicycle needs minor repairs or requires transportation to a nearby destination within the club’s Connecticut territory.

AAA Southern New England serves Fairfield, Litchfield and New Haven counties.

No special registration required

No registration is required for members to begin using the new bicycle benefit. For more information, visit, where there are tips, brochures, bookmarks and other bike-related information available to download.

The free service strengthens AAA’s commitment to a “Share the Road” philosophy — the idea that all roadway users, including bicyclists and motorists, must co-exist.

How the assistance program will work

To request service, members should call the 800-AAA-HELP, which is the roadside assistance number on their AAA membership card. Then, an AAA service vehicle will meet members on any generally traveled road within AAA Southern New England’s territory — any time of day, 365 days a year.

After attempting minor repairs, if the AAA technician is unable to get the member back on the road, the member and bicycle will be transported free of charge within a defined radius.

‘It’s a natural fit for AAA’

The AAA’s Mary Wyatt said the number of people riding bikes for sport, transportation and family fun is on the rise. “It’s also a natural fit for AAA since it’s our goal to help keep members moving,” Wyatt said. “It makes sense for us to extend our roadside assistance to include bicycles.”

Along with the new program, the club is developing a network of local approved bike repair facilities where cyclists can access member benefits. AAA also will continue to expand its support of bicycle safety rodeos in conjunction with area police departments.