Trips sponsored by the Shelton Senior Center

TRIP REGISTRATION: On the day of REGISTRATION, all members interested in the trip should come to the Center at 9:00 AM and take a number at the Reception Desk.  Each member may register them self and one (1) other member.  Registration begins at 9:30 AM.  Please have Membership Cards for both you and your partner; your check and meal selection if needed. Registration will be on a first come ~ first serve basis.  After the initial Registration, you may register any time.  Please Note:  Trips must be paid for by check (no cash) made payable to the Travel Agency sponsoring the trip.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you have to cancel your trip, please notify the Center.  We will make every effort to reimburse your ticket from our “Wait List.”  Please do not transfer the ticket yourself or ask another member to do so – we will need the proper information for the replacement, registration and refund.





PLANETS & SPACE:  March 27.  Cost:  $91.00.  (Maybe multiple pick-ups.)  Off we go to NYC.  Lunch will be at either Pietrasanta or Da Rosina's with a choice of entree upon arrival.  After lunch we will visit the $210 million addition to the American Museum of Natural History, The Rose Center for Earth and Space.  You can also view other museum exhibits at your own pace.  There is something of interest for everyone.  Gratuities included. Checks payable to Getaway Tours.

HISTORIC SOUTH ~ SAVANNAH, GA & CHARLESTON, SC:  April 4 ~ 11.  Cost:  $1,234.00 Double; $1,214.00 Triple or $1,699.00 Single. Deposit:  $100.00 PP.  Final Payment:  March 21.  Full itinerary at Center.  Insurance available and suggested. Gratuities included.  Checks payable to Getaway Tours.


"A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE" (WARNER THEATRE):  April 6.  Cost:  $85.00. Today we are off to the San Marino Restaurant where you'll enjoy Veal Parmigiana, Chicken Marsala or Stuffed Filet of Sole. After lunch we're off to the Warner Theatre (Torrington) for the hit Broadway play "A View from the Bridge." Gratuities included. Checks payable to Getaway Tours.

"MY HUSBAND'S WILD DESIRES" AT THE NEWPORT PLAYHOUSE: April 10. Cost: $89.00. Off we go to the Newport Playhouse and Cabaret Restaurant. You will enjoy a great Buffet, a wonderful play and a fun-filled cabaret. Gratuities included. Checks payable to Getaway Tours.

HEART & LIGHTS ~ WITH THE ROCKETTES:  April 15.  Cost:  $137.00.  Deposit:  $50.00 pp. Final Payment:  April 4.  Off to NYC to enjoy lunch at the famous Italian restaurant Carmine's. After lunch we will depart to Radio City Music Hall to enjoy a brand new show, "Hearts & Lights" starring the world-famous Rockettes! Gratuities included. Checks payable to Getaway Tours.

BOSTON POPS ~ TANGLEWOOD: July 13. Cost: $131.00 PP.  REGISTRATION:  March 28.  There will be multiple pick-ups.  Enjoy lunch at one of the local restaurants (Cork N' Hearth, the Red Lion Inn or Mazzeo Restaurant). Choice of restaurant will be made by the travel agent. After lunch, we'll head over to Tanglewood to enjoy the Boston Pops in concert with special guest Jason Alexander. Jason is an award winning Broadway singer and dancer.  He will entertain us with numerous Broadway show tunes.  The Boston Pops, under the direction of Conductor Keith Lockhart, will perform with the outstanding flair and style that has made them so famous.  Seats are located in the covered area of "The Shed."  Sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful music. Gratuities included. Checks payable to Getaway Tours.

MACKINAC ISLAND TOUR:  July 15 - 22. Cost: $1,527.00 PP Double; $1,477.00 PP Triple or $1,707.00 Single. Includes:  Deluxe Motorcoach transportation, Hotel accommodations, Taxes and Baggage handling, Admissions wherever applicable, 14 - Meals (6 - Breakfasts, 1 - lunch and 7 - dinners) Ferry to Mackinac Island and Tour Director and Driver gratuities. REGISTRATION:  March 7.  Deposit:  $100.00 PP.  Final Payment Due:  June 16.  Full itinerary available at our Center.  Checks payable to Getaway Tours.

TRIP PARKING:  When traveling with the Senior Center, please park in the Police/Senior parking lot if there are spaces available.  If there are no available spaces, you may park in the outer and far end area of the Senior Center Lot. Thank you for your co-operation.