Troop 28 cleans up for Earth Day, Clean Sweep

On Saturday April 22 Boy Scout Troop 28 removed garbage from an open space area located near the Shelton Lakes Path in Shelton. At first the scouts found very little litter, which was a surprise, until they found a huge pile that someone must have dumped a while ago. The pile included six tires, vinyl siding, part of a large tractor, a furnace, two air conditioners, and a car transmission.

Some neighbors questioned the scouts and thought they were illegally dumping garbage on the side of the road but they were pleasantly surprised to learn that they were in fact cleaning garbage from the trail.

Scouts participating in the event included Nathan Ramos, Nicholas Cebrik, Isaac Seyer, AJ Corcino, Kyle Young, Joe Reilly, Ryan Rigoli, Nikolaus Wirth, Cameron Beecher, Joe LaRue, Reino Sawan, Michael Sawan, Eddie Balog, Luke Uhrynowski, and Michael Thomas.

Troop 28 meets at 7 p.m. every Thursday at the Nike Site behind Mohegan School. For more information contact Paul Uhrynowski @ 203-521-4459.