Trumbull woman finds missing Shelton dog: 'Agnes is home!'

Becca Hughes of Shelton is overjoyed that her dog Agnes is now home again. “Agnes is home!” Hughes exclaimed.

The dog had gone missing on Saturday, May 4 from the Ivy Brook/Constitution Avenue area in Shelton.

She contacted the Shelton Herald on Tuesday, May 7 to seek help and to publicize the search for Agnes, and by that evening the dog — a small, light-silver-colored schnorkie terrier — was back home thanks to a Trumbull resident who saw an item about the dog on the Shelton Herald website.

“I got out of class Tuesday night, made it home by 9 p.m., and this little mutt-ball ran to me,” Hughes said.

The Trumbull woman who found the dog on Saturday searched the Internet to learn the dog belonged to the Hughes family.

“Thank you everyone who kept an eye out for her,” Hughes said. “Thank you to the lady who scooped her up, kept her safe, well fed, and warm.”

“Thank you so, so much Shelton Herald for writing this article,” she continued. “This article was what the woman in Trumbull came across and was able to reunite Aggy with her family.”

Original update below:

UPDATE: Wednesday, 12:26 p.m. — After searching the Internet, a Trumbull woman found out that the dog she found on Saturday night belonged to the Hughes family. She was returned to the family late Tuesday night. Becca Hughes' thank you follows this story.

Original story below:

Family seeks missing dog

Becca Hughes posted a plea on the Herald’s Facebook page today. The family dog Agnes has been missing since Saturday, May 4, around 8 p.m.  She went missing from the Ivy Brook/Constitution Avenue area.

“Her family misses her dearly,” Becca wrote. “We’ve been looking nonstop. She likes people, she likes the woods, she likes to tear up paper.”

A Schnorkie Terrier that is not quite 10 pounds, she has silver fur that can appear white. She responds to “Aggy,” “Agnes” and “Puppy.”

If anyone has found her, call 203-922-8203.

“There’s a reward,” wrote Becca. “We just want her back.”