Two arrested in police chase of stolen vehicle

Shelton police arrested two people following the pursuit of a stolen van from the downtown area into Derby Wednesday afternoon.
Deion Lovett, 20, of Waterbury was arrested and charged with larceny 1st degree, 1st degree engaging police in pursuit and 3 counts of risk of injury to a minor after leading police on a chase in a stolen Chrysler van.

A 17-year-old juvenile was also charged with Larceny 1 following in the case.

The pursuit began on June 22 at around 4 pm when a Shelton Detective allegedly witnessed Lovett, “driving a Chrysler van traveling in the downtown area with the rear door to the vehicle wide open,” according to the police report.

The Detective attempted to stop the vehicle and it sped off, the pursuit began. The chase concluded on Route 34 in Derby where Lovett eventually stopped. In the vehicle were four other juveniles.

According to a prepared statement by Detective Richard Bango, after an investigation, it was revealed the van was stolen at gunpoint in New Haven on June 12.

No other arrests are expected in the case.