UPDATE: Did Shelton's Split Rock wild turkey did get hit by a car on Route 8?

UPDATE MARCH 12: There have been unconfirmed reports that the Split Rock wild turkey may have wandered onto Route 8 and been hit by a car on the evening of Wednesday, March 11. The incident may have taken place near Exit 11 (lower Bridgeport Avenue/Huntington Road).

The turkey had been seen in that immediate vicinity on March 10, in the parking lot at the office building at 1000 Bridgeport Ave. in Shelton (which borders the southbound off-ramp of Route 8's Exit 11).

Split Rock wild turkey heading south — but just by a bit

TUESDAY, MARCH 10:  The lone wild turkey that is frequently seen near the Split Rock shopping center in Shelton was wandering through an office parking lot on Bridgeport Avenue, about a mile south of its usual location, on late Tuesday morning. (March 10 photos by Brad Durrell)

The wild turkey has been living in the vicinity of Bridgeport Avenue and Commerce Drive/Old Stratford Road since at least last fall.

The wild turkey frequently walks in the road near that main intersection — and has been causing public safety concerns for that reason, with fears his antics could lead to an accident.

On Tuesday, the wild turkey appears to be heading toward the Trumbull border.

People are strongly advised not to feed the wild turkey. The turkey does not appear to have any fear of people or motor vehicles at this stage in its life, but it is hoped that the wild turkey might return to the wild at some future date.

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