UPDATE– Non threatening gas leak at Intermediate School fixed overnight

UPDATE– Wednesday Nov. 23

According to Headmaster Ken Saranich, the Intermediate School's heat is back and hot lunch will be served following an overnight fix of several harmless gas leaks that were found outside of the school during a routine inspection.

Parents were debating in an online private Shelton Facebook group whether or not to send their children to school because of the heat being turned off temporarily, following Saranich's email alert of the issue Tuesday evening.

Below is the original email sent out by Saranich to all parents.


Several harmless gas leaks were found outside of the Shelton Intermediate School Tuesday afternoon during a routine inspection.

The school will operate under its normal hours Wednesday Nov. 23, but Headmaster Ken Saranich instructed parents to have their kids dressed warm as the heat will not be turned on.

Below is the email that was sent out to parents Tuesday night by Saranich.

“Good evening -

This is an important message regarding Shelton Intermediate School.  This afternoon during a routine inspection, the gas company found several leaks to the gas line outside leading into SIS.  Although these leaks do not pose any threat to students or staff, the gas feed has currently been shut down as maintenance begins to repair the leaks.  As a result, the gas into the building may still remain off tomorrow.  Without gas, the building will not have heat nor the ability to cook heated meals.   School will remain in session .  We ask that you please plan accordingly for possible colder situations in school as well as only serving cold lunch at SIS.  We appreciate your cooperation and understanding while we correct this matter.”

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