Valley United Way’s Harvest House helps to restock local food pantries

The Valley United Way’s Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC) recently completed its seventh bi-annual Harvest House which is designed to help restock various local food pantries.

The “Harvest House” consists of shelving units that are used as walls to store the various food donations, and each section is set up for the five food pantries that will receive them. The house was 400 square feet and typically holds over 100,000 items of food and non-perishables.

The food pantries that collect the food after the event are: Spooner House, Seymour/Oxford Food Bank, Salvation Army, Kathleen Samella Food Bank, and St. Vincent De Paul.

The event was not only the kickoff to celebrate the Harvest House, but also marked the 50th anniversary for Valley United Way.

The people in attendance had lots of entertainment to enjoy including live music and singing, food trucks, and a visit from state Rep. Rosa DeLauro. The food trucks that were present included Spuds Your Way, Drewba Q (smoked BBQ) and Natural Ice Cream.

DeLauro expressed how it is important to donate food and how it makes a difference for many families.

“It’s sad to think about the hunger some of these families face on a daily basis. Nobody should go hungry,” DeLauro said.

She also expressed how she was amazed by the success of the Harvest House this year.

“We need to work together as a state and help feed our local families,” she added.

“It is truly amazing the amount of food we were able to get for the Harvest House this year. I am thankful for everything we were able to collect,” says Patricia Tarasovic, Director of Valley United Way’s Volunteer Center and Corporate Volunteer Council.

The sponsors in the day’s celebration included Jones Family Farm, Hampton of Shelton, Minutemen Press, Prudential, R.D. Scinto Inc., Newtown Savings Bank, and many other organizations throughout the Valley area.