Veterans Day services at the River Walk

Sutter-Terlizzi American Legion Post 16 will conduct Veterans Day services at The River Walk.

Post 16 Commander David Gallagher said “From Bunker Hill to Baghdad, there has always been a select group of Americans willing to fight and possibly die for a cause greater than their self-preservation. November 11th is the day set aside to honor these Americans.

While fewer than 10 % of Americans can claim the honorable title “U.S. military veteran,” this special group often provides the vital services that enable our communities to function. Sutter-Terlizzi American Legion Post 16, invites all of Shelton to join us as we honor Shelton’s Veterans.

Chances are that if you surveyed your local police or fire department, you would find that a disproportionately high percentage of its members are veterans. When an emergency hits, there is a good chance that it is a veteran that is first to respond.

Whether it’s a school teacher, construction worker or first responder, military veterans take their missions seriously. They vote in higher percentages than nonveterans, they are more likely to volunteer in their communities and they are less likely to live in poverty. In short, veterans make our communities better.

Born of their extraordinary accomplishments comes our extraordinary debt. And for those accomplishments and for their dedication, we must always be grateful.”

Post 16’s annual Veterans Day Ceremonies will be held on Tuesday, November 11th. Ceremonies will begin at 10:30 at The Veterans’ Memorial on The Shelton Riverwalk in Shelton. The unit will then proceed to Post 16 for11:30 services and luncheon at Post 16 on Bridgeport Ave in Shelton. After the luncheon, members of Post 16 will visit Shelton Intermediate School.