(Video) Resident gets ultimate viking room makeover

One Shelton 11-year-old went on a trip with his dad, and when they arrived back home, he was surprised with a complete Viking-themed room makeover.

Dylan Zeigler and his father, Braeden, share a bond over football. When the two were on a trip to see their favorite college team, Ohio State, take on the University of Michigan last month, Dylan returned to a special gift from his stepmother, Laura.

The makeover of Dylan’s room was a heartfelt gift that Laura explained had been a long time coming.

“We wanted to do it for his birthday (Sept. 22) but couldn’t with football and how busy life can get at times, so we decided that the holidays would be the perfect time to do it,” said Laura.

She added that the timing of the makeover project was important for other reasons as well.

“When I first moved in with Braeden and Dylan I brought a lot of furniture and my own things, but didn’t want to completely overwhelm Dylan with change, so we thought it would be best if we left his room intact.”

After years of strengthening their family bond, Laura and Braeden said they thought the timing was right, and for about two weeks straight, they and Braeden’s mother, Judy, worked steadily on the surprise makeover project for Dylan. While Dylan spent time with his mom, the rest of the family helped bring the project together.

“I designed the whole room, but I couldn’t have done without Braeden, who painted the ceiling, and, of course, my mother-in-law, who was so much help,” said Laura.

According to the family, Dylan’s room design derived from a unique chandelier Laura said was a “must-have” for the room.

“When I saw that chandelier, I had to have it. I fell in love with it immediately because it was so cool, and I knew Dylan would love it. It was the jumping-off point for the rest of the room,” said Laura.

The chandelier came equipped with two drawstrings that cause the light within to be dimmed or brightened through the movement of puzzle piece-like parts the family had to put together before it was hung.

Dylan rated his new room a 10/10 and said the gesture was greatly appreciated.

“I was very surprised, because we were away in Ohio to see the Ohio State versus Michigan game, so I wasn’t really thinking about my room while I was away,” said Dylan. “The first thing that gave the makeover away was the change in the light switch.”

In a video Laura posted to Facebook, you can see the lights flick on after Dylan noticed his new light switch and begin to take in his new bedroom, which is decorated in Shelton pride all around.

“I love it,” said Dylan. “I’ve showed some of my friends and others just pictures, and everyone thinks it’s great.”

Family members circled the room admiring the new setup. Dylan showed off his new signature Shelton orange and black comforter for his bed, his football trophies that covered his dresser, two Vikings painted on his wall, and a custom-made pillow with his No. 15 stitched right on the front for everyone to see.

Laura said the makeover was a fun project for the family and a joy to present to Dylan.

“It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do as a surprise, because I’m a designer and it’s my passion, we hoped it would be something Dylan would enjoy and really appreciate,” said Laura.

Dylan said he certainly appreciates his room’s new look, and his dad said it could “evolve” over time.

“Right now we’re Vikings,” said Braeden. “But one day Dylan will probably become a Gael, so the room will have to evolve, again.”

As Dylan currently plays quarterback and cornerback for a younger age group in Shelton for a team called the Vikings, his dad said he has enjoyed coaching him and looks forward to continuing to watch him play and grow.

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