Visci is looking to study abroad

Ryan Visci is hoping to take a trip that many won’t get to do in their entire lives. He is looking to study abroad for three weeks in Denmark, but needs some help to do so.

Visci is a junior at the University of Connecticut. He grew up in Shelton, and visits home every chance he can. He is majoring in history, with minors in urban studies and art history.

He was accepted into a study abroad class for three weeks in Copenhagen from May 22 to June 13. The trip is an art history class focusing on the architecture and history of the city as it has grown from the Middle Ages.

“I am at UConn entirely through federal loans and grants and work 40 hours a week as a bus driver around campus to pay for my car and other necessities,” Visci said on his fund-raising page. “I have been able to maintain a 3.0 GPA and I will be graduating on time in May 2014 so this coming summer is my last chance for any sort of study abroad opportunity.”


The cost of the course in Denmark is going to be $3,500. That doesn’t include the $805 airfare or living expenses while he is in the city.

“I expect that in all the trip will cost me almost $5,000. I am trying to defray some of that cost,” Visci said. “I already applied for and was accepted for a $750 scholarship that will cover the airfare which is a big help.

“I am asking you for help because $3,500 is a lot of money to me and any amount you can send my way will be met with great thanks. I am faced with a once in a lifetime opportunity that I cannot stand to pass up, even if it means I have to ask for help.”

He said he is very excited for the trip.

“This will be my first trip to Europe as well as my first trip to a large city outside the U.S. I am hoping to experience firsthand the culture and history of Denmark,” said Visci. “Not only am I truly interested in the city, but the course fits perfectly into my area of study.”

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