Voter turnout not off to a great start

Election Day is here which means it is time for your voice to be heard and for you to cast your vote.

Candidates can be seen outside of each polling location doing some last minute campaigning. Democratic nominee Michele Bialek said she was impressed with the voter turnout she had seen by 9 a.m. at Shelton Intermediate School (SIS).

Mike Weber is moderating the polls at SIS and said they are on pace with last year’s voter turnout. By 9 a.m. 316 voters were recorded. Weber said they are expecting an influx of voters just after 5 p.m. when people are getting off of work.

Elizabeth Shelton Elementary School had the largest voter turnout for the last local election in 2013, but according to moderator Don Opatrny they are not off to the same type of start. He predicts the city won't have the turnout expected.

“Right now things are moderately slow,” said Opatrny. “We are supposed to account for 40-45% of the city’s votes, but now it’s looking like that is not going to happen. On the pace we are at now I am expecting be around 30-35%.”

Opatrny said they were expecting a larger turnout due to the cooperative weather, but has not been the case so far. Just after 9 a.m. they had recorded 545 votes.

For information on where you can vote, read below.

Where Do I Vote?

Ward 1

Elizabeth Shelton School, 138 Willoughby Road

Ward 2

Shelton Intermediate School, 675 Constitution Boulevard North

Ward 3

Long Hill School, 565 Long Hill Ave.

Ward 4

Mohegan School, 47 Mohegan Road