WINTER STROLL ON THE RIVERWALK: A helmet and ice pick might help

The issue of whether the city of Shelton should be plowing the Riverwalk has recently come to the surface, with consistent snowstorms in recent weeks. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

Mayor Mark Lauretti says clearing city roads must take priority, and few would argue with that approach.

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Click below to read story on resident asking why the city doesn't plow the Riverwalk:


But should the city do more to also try to remove snow from the Riverwalk, which is a recreational resource that some would like to utilize on a year-round basis?

This is especially true for downtown residents, including those living on Canal Street (Avalon Shelton and the Birmingham), who view the ability to take a nearby walk — with or without their dog — to be a vital part of urban life.

While a helmet and ice pick aren’t really necessary to traverse the Riverwalk at this time of the year, walking conditions can be challenging when a pathway becomes covered with an uneven surface of snow and ice.

Some other people, however, might counter that walking enthusiasts need to find another location during the winter to get some exercise. A mall, office building or gym, perhaps?

Here are some recent photos from the Riverwalk, in its winter wonderland state.