Waterbury man arrested for reclaiming cocaine at police department

Police arrested a Waterbury man when he entered the Shelton Police department to reclaim a bag of his that contained a “moderate amount” of crack cocaine.

On Monday, Sept. 25 Shelton Police arrested Davie McMillian, 23, of Waterbury when he entered the police station to reclaim a bag that he claimed he left behind at a scene that police visited earlier that day

Earlier on Sept. 25 Shelton police units responded to an incident involving McMillian in Shelton. The incident that initially involved McMillian was not disclosed by police.

Hours after the incident took place, Shelton Police were contacted and informed that McMillian had left a bag behind and the caller wanted to turn it over to the police. The caller informed the police that “it appeared to contain some type of drugs inside it.”

Shelton Police responded to the scene and retrieved the bag, which officers confirmed contained a crack cocaine. The bag and drugs were transported back to the Shelton Police Department.

A short period of time later, McMillian arrived at the Police Department to reclaim the bag, which he admitted to leaving behind earlier in the day.

He entered the police department lobby with a female who was identified as a victim that, according to police, had a full no contact protective order against Mcmillian. The order prevents Mcmillian from having any contact with the female victim.

Mcmillian was processed and charged with illegal possession of narcotics and violation of a protective order. He was placed on a total of $11,000 bond and was transported to Derby Superior Court on Sept. 26.