We're sticking together and we'll keep fighting

As we ring in the new year, and let old acquaintance be forgot, there is just one thing we haven’t left behind from last year: our contract fight with Whitsons Culinary Group.

In June of 2017 we began contract negations with Whitsons’ Culinary Group, under the impression that our new employer would settle a contract similar to our old one. Instead we found our contract and our livelihoods under attack. We decided there was only one thing to do: band together and fight back! This fight has not been easy. We have agreed to many cost-saving measures for Whitson’s, including changes to our paid time off and healthcare, but Whitson’s continues to come after our standard of living.  It's clear that Whitson's views schools lunches as a for profit business.

So this New Years we resolve to stick together and keep fighting for the dignity we deserve. Again we are all restating: “School Lunches are NOT for profit.”  Children with full bellies learn and succeed more in their studies. School lunches are not an add-on but an essential part of education, we take the responsibility of feeding your children with pride. We are not here to make money off you children, and Whitson’s shouldn’t be either. Shelton, we need your support. Tell Whitsons’ that your child’s lunch is not for profit.

Being a lunch lady is an important job, and should be treated with equal respect. People who make less that $25,000 per year should not be the ones who pay for big business profits. We have been fighting this long and we aren’t about to stop now!