Why aren’t minutes available for P&Z meetings?

Just three months after the city’s planning and zoning commission became the target of public scrutiny for not posting the minutes to its hearings for more than three months, residents have begun to ask the same question as to why they now can’t view the minutes for the three meetings that took place after Jan. 19 of this year.

P&Z Administrator Rick Schultz said the minutes for the three meetings will “hopefully” be online this week and the minutes from 2016 meetings can be accessed by clicking the “View Older” tab on the page where the rest of the 2017 meeting minutes should be.

“I’m meeting with the recording secretary today to resolve that,” said Schultz. “More importantly, some people said they weren’t able to access the 2016 minutes, but I just went on and can assure you they’re available on the city’s site.”

Schultz explained that the meeting minutes not being uploaded to the site is the result of personal issues occurring with the recording secretary, who is responsible for transcribing the recordings of the meetings and making note of all motions that took place.

The city’s Information Systems Manager Dan Bednarsky is responsible for posting the meeting minutes to the website. Schultz said Bednarsky cannot upload the minutes until he proofreads the secretary’s transcriptions.
Whether or not you’re in support of a development or not, having access to meeting minutes can provide you with information on any action the commission took regarding a development during one of its meetings/hearings.