Winter weather has residents planning ahead

While the temperature drops and snow begins to fall more regularly, many people begin their annual dreading of winter.  

As much of an inconvenience as it can be at times, there are some simple tips that can help to ease the transition into this winter weather.

One of the biggest and most important tips to implement in your life once winter begins is giving yourself more time to travel. Roads can become dangerous and slippery, so giving yourself an additional 20-30 minutes for travel time can be the difference between being late and staying on schedule despite the weather.

This extra time should also be used to preheat and clean off your car completely if it snowed prior to you leaving to your destination. It is illegal to drive with snow on top of your vehicle because it could come off while driving and affect the view of other drivers.

Another important tip which should be used to assure that your home is safe for the winter time, is having an abundance of rock salt. Do you have steps in your home? Well, when the snow begins to drip off of your roof or stick to the surface, that rock salt can be used to melt it and prevent someone from falling.

In preparation for a snowstorm, there are some people who find it helpful to prop their windshield wipers up to preserve the life of the blade. When cleaning off your windshield it’s easy to hit your wipers because you can’t see them when they’re covered in snow. Propping them upright before the snow occurs will not prevent ice from collecting on the blades, but can make it so your wipers are free to clean snow off of your windshield.

While it may be obvious to some that the speed of travel should be drastically decreased when traveling in the snow, it’s also smart to begin to think about what you should keep in your car should you become stranded in inclement weather.

In the winter months, people traveling should consider bringing another charger for their phone, several warm blankets should your car break down completely, road flares are suggested if you have to travel in a storm, and an ice scraper or brush for the instances where it starts snowing once you’re at a destination.