Writing is a passion for Shelton woman

Writing has been a lifelong passion for Celine Rose Mariotti of Shelton, who has published books and written for magazines and literary journals.

“Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved to write,” Mariotti said. “I took creative writing courses in high school and college.”

She began having poems appear in literary magazines in the early 1990s. She had her first book published in 2004. “Olivia MacAllister, Who are You?” was a mystery book for children ages 8 and older.

Her newest book is entitled “Minister’s Shoes,” and is part of a planned series with the Rev. Castle, a Baptist minister in Alabama who solves mysteries. The novel is being published by WriteWordsInc.com of Maryland, a small, traditional publisher that pays royalties to authors.

Mariotti said the new book’s plot includes missing money, gambling, infidelity, kidnapping, murder and the Rev. Castle’s own arrest. The minister solves the whodunit with guidance from God.

“It is a story of drama, mystery and comedy,” Mariotti said.

Been published internationally

Mariotti writes for many overseas publications. She pens a monthly column for a magazine in India, and had a primary textbook of essays on U.S. presidents published in India.

She’s had work appear in publications in Australia and Scotland, and she had an e-book published in Hong Kong.

In the United States, Mariotti’s work has been in literary publications in Arizona, California, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Texas and Utah. She has written for different genres, including young adult science fiction.

Most of her work has involved traditional publishers, but some has been self-published, such as a poetry book she titled “Through Celine’s Eyes.”

She has plenty of ideas

Mariotti said he has no problem coming up with ideas for stories. “It just comes to me — I’ll be reading a book, watching TV, cooking, or even swimming at the community center,” Mariotti said. “The words just start to flow.”

She said she has been inspired by the poetry of Robert Frost. “His poetry speaks to me,” she said of the famed New England poet.

Her poetry covers many subjects, such as her family, hobbies, teddy bears, places where she has traveled, people she admires, and the New York Giants.

“I think poetry makes people think,” she said. “It makes them feel and it makes them connected to the world. I do think more people should read poetry. Poetry is really a form of music and it speaks to the heart.”

Big fan of singer Tom Jones

Mariotti is a longtime fan of singer Tom Jones. During performances in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, Jones read one of her poems aloud to the audience, she said.

“Tom Jones loves poetry and coming from the country of Wales, he appreciates the art of poetry as well as the art of song,” she said.

Operates a home business

Mariotti operates a home business, helping people with resumes, writing projects and business cards. She also makes beaded jewelry and has worked different regular and temporary jobs outside the home.

Her experiences in the working world led to her 2010 self-published book, “What Corporate America Really is All About.”

“I interviewed people around the country about their jobs,” she said of her research for the book. “There’s a lot of unfairness.”

Graduated from Shelton High

Mariotti is a lifelong Shelton resident and graduate of Shelton High and Sacred Heart University. She plays the guitar and banjo in her free time.

Her mother, Mary Mariotti, helps to edit her work. Her late father, Peter Mariotti, was a helicopter mechanic at Sikorsky Aircraft.

Celine Rose Mariotti’s new book, “Minister’s Shoes,” is available in print through Amazon.com or WriteWordsInc.com, and as an e-book on Kindle, Nook and Smashwords.com.