Yevich completes 100-mile run

He ran through rain showers, lightening, fog and some ankle pain, but Shelton resident James Yevich completed the 100-mile run around noon last Saturday.

He left Stratford late Friday morning and ran all the way to The American School for the Deaf in West Hartford. Yevich, 42, is deaf. He ran the race in memory of his two friends, James and Kevin Bumbala, who graduated from the West Hartford School.

“The weather wasn’t great but it was a great experience,” Yevich said through an phone interpreter. “I wasn’t going to let it stop me and I kept focusing on my going forward and moving ahead. If it has been a sunny, beautiful day, it wouldn’t have had the same experience.”

The ultra-marathoner said he is recovering well from the run.

He credits his team, who followed him along the way, as a big part of his success.

“I would say the last 20 [miles] were very difficult,” he said. “My ankle was hurting me and my team was very patient, very supportive and very kind.”

“My team was encouraging me and coaching me along the way,” he said. “It was very emotional at the end and the team all came together and embraced me.”

Yevich stopped about five times during the run, for 30-minute breaks. A couple of restaurants along the way welcomed him and he had to change clothes at one point because he was soaked.

“I think it was a miracle, really,” he said of finishing the run. “It was very successful.”

One of his future goals is to run across the country.