'Relief for all of us': Shelton's Bishop Wicke staff, residents receive COVID vaccine

SHELTON — Bishop Wicke Health Center staff and residents received the first round of the COVID-19 vaccine on Dec. 30.

Marissa Salvesen, manager of mission development with United Methodist Homes, the not-for-profit organization that manages Bishop Wicke and Wesley Village, said the process was smooth and there was good participation and feedback.

“I think it’s exciting,” longtime Bishop Wicke resident Barbara Charles said. “It relieves my mind and puts me at ease ... and it didn’t hurt a bit.”

Salvesen said the remainder of the Wesley Village senior living campus is set to receive the vaccine on Jan. 18.

“Many team members are looking forward to receiving the vaccine and have shared their thoughts in our ‘I Am Getting Vaccinated …’ photo project,” Salvesen said.

“This means relief for all of us, residents and staff,” Charles added. “We’ll feel better now, and we won’t have to worry anymore about whether or not fellow residents can overcome this virus.”

Staff lined up to receive the vaccine as well, including David Lawlor, president and CEO of United Methodist Homes. He was joined by longtime Bishop Wicke employees, among them materials management technician Lynda Ovesny, a 38-year employee, and Stephen Sullivan, a maintenance technician with 28 years with the company.

“I chose to get the vaccine because the virus scares me, and especially because I work in healthcare,” Ovesny said. “I want to be safe, I want to protect myself, and I want to protect my family.”