See how one family brightened Shelton firefighters’ spirits

SHELTON — Living across the street from the White Hills Fire House, Ilona Camarota and her family said they have had a front row seat to how hard the company volunteers work every day.

While the family certainly recognized the volunteers’ efforts in the past, the Camarotas said they began to have an even greater appreciation of the crew’s dedication to the community during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the family’s gratitude is on display for all passersby to see.

“We live across the street, so (my daughter, Gia) knows how many times they go out and had the idea of painted rocks,” said Camarota, who designed and painted the rocks that were placed at the fire company’s sign in front of the School Street firehouse

“Our fire crew is on the front lines every day,” Camarota said. “Whether it’s battling a fire or carbon monoxide calls or car accidents. They are out there risking their lives to save others. And on top of that, are now also dealing with this epidemic.

“They need to know that their community is behind them, that we support them,” Camarota added. “Small acts of kindness go a long way, and, in these times, it’s what make us stronger as a community.”

White Hills Fire Company Capt. Bob Finta said the Camarotas reached out to the company last Monday.

“We were able to meet (Gia) and her mother around 4:30 p.m. as we had a crew at the station going out to do a couple birthday parades,” Finta said. “The crew at the station was deeply touched, as these gestures do make a big difference in keeping spirits up during these trying times.”