Shelton Volunteer Spotlight: Capt. Michael Plavcan

The following is be a monthly article spotlighting the volunteers who aid in the city of Shelton serving its residents.

Name: Capt. Michael Plavcan
Where do you live? Shelton
Where do you volunteer? Echo Hose Hook & Ladder Co.1 — Shelton Fire Headquarters
Why have you chosen to volunteer, and why did you choose this organization to volunteer your time? The biggest reason why I chose to volunteer was because of Sept. 11th. The actions of firefighters on that tragic day inspired me to want to make a difference in my own community through the fire department. I chose the Echo Hose Hook & Ladder Co.1 because it is the busiest fire company in Shelton. If anything major were to happen in the city, chances are the Echo Hose will be there to play a key role.
Occupation? Career firefighter — City of Milford
Who is the greatest influence in your life? My mother, father, and my girlfriend Kristen
What are your proudest accomplishments? Graduating the Connecticut Fire Academy and bowling 28 perfect (300) games