Ansonia man arrested and charged with arson

A man was arrested and is charged with arson and reckless endangerment for a structure fire that occurred Monday afternoon.

Steven Weidler, of Ansonia, was arrested in connection with the fire that took place at his 3 Marshall Lane residence.

Ansonia Police received multiple 911 calls shortly after 4 p.m Monday reporting a structure fire at Weidler’s address.

The Ansonia Fire Department arrived to the scene and could see smoke and flames coming from the back of the home. They forced entry and encountered heavy black smoke condition.

Fire personnel eventually put out the fire and conducted a search of the entire residence.

Personnel observed “slippery, oily conditions on the floor in several areas of the residence,” according to the police report.  The fire department detected the smell of diesel fuel or home heating oil while conducting their search. The fire personnel observed four separate areas where fires began inside the residence.

No injuries occurred as a result of this fire. It became clear this wasn’t a routine call when personnel located what they believe caused the fire.

Fire personnel located a plastic five gallon bucket containing a reddish colored liquid that appeared to be home heating oil. They also found an oil tank in the garage with an apparent hole drilled into the tank and a power drill near the tank, according to police.

Officers arrived on scene and spoke to witnesses who said they had arrived at 3 Marshall Lane shortly before the fire began and was reported.

The police report states that the witnesses saw Weidler inside his residence alone, “there was oil all over the garage floor and there was oil pouring out from the oil tank which was in the garage.”

According to the statement prepared by police, a witness entered the home smelled oil and observed oil all over the kitchen floor, refrigerator, counter tops and kitchen sink.

Weidler told the witness he spilled oil and had to leave the house, according to police. As he was leaving, the witness could see smoke and flames coming from the back of the house and they called 911.

Woodbridge Police apprehended Steven Weidler, of Ansonia, walking down the street shortly after the Ansonia Fire Department had extinguished the fire at his 3 Marshall Lane residence.

The officers could smell a strong petroleum base product on his person and his clothes were drenched in liquid that smelled like a petroleum based product.

Weidler was taken into custody and charged with first degree arson and second degree reckless endangerment.  He was given a $100,000 bond and given a court date of April 12.