Bridgeport man accused of taking guns from Shelton home

A Bridgeport man has been charged with 45 counts of taking firearms from a Shelton residence.

Jelani Lemon, 22, of Old Town Road, Bridgeport, was arrested on April 16 after police officers in another town allegedly found him in possession of a gun.

When officers checked to see who the gun belonged to, it came back to a Shelton residence.

Officers then advised the legitimate Shelton gun owners to survey their firearms to see if others were missing, police said, and it turned out 44 more guns were missing. The guns had been locked up, according to police.

Reports allege that Lemon was known to someone at the Shelton home, who let him inside the residence.

Held on $250,000 bond

Lemon was charged with first-degree larceny and 45 counts of theft of a firearm. Bond was $250,000.

According to online Department of Correction reports, Lemon is being held in the state's Bridgeport penal facility on a $105,000 bond.