Car smashes into front of Shelton building

An accident on River Road on Monday morning led to a parked vehicle being pushed into a building. (Photo by Brad Durrell)

A parked red Volvo went into the brick front of a building at 770 River Road (Route 110), smashing a window and causing damage to the facade.

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No one in the building was hurt, but witnesses said at least one occupant of a vehicle that was being driven was taken away by ambulance. The building houses offices and manufacturing facilities for Centrix and Mini Dental Implants of Connecticut, and is just north of the Sports Center of Connecticut complex.

'Heard a noise'

“I was sitting and working at the computer and heard a noise, like something was being hit,” said John Discko, whose office wall was damaged. “I turned around a red Volvo came punching through the window. I was surprised, and quickly got up and out of [my office].”

Discko, Centrix executive vice president, said the accident occurred at about 10:50 a.m. and involved four vehicles. It apparently began on River Road, with at least one vehicle then entering the Centrix/Mini Dental Implants driveway and smashing into unoccupied vehicles parked in front of the building.

Vehicles being towed

At noon, a tow truck was towing away a parked BMW that had been damaged in the accident. The BMW had been parked next to the parked Volvo that was pushed into Discko’s office. The BMW had been damaged on its side. The Volvo already had been taken away from the scene, as had the other vehicles involved in the incident.

Workers were arriving from off-site to board up the part of the building that had been damaged. Emergency crews — including local police and EMS — had already left the scene by that time, more than an hour after the accident.