Cars collide on Coram Avenue in downtown Shelton

Two vehicles collided on Coram Avenue at White Street a little before 5 p.m. on Tuesday in downtown Shelton. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

The two cars involved were a black Volvo sedan and a red Ford Taurus. Both vehicles suffered mostly front-end damage, with the Volvo being the most heavily damaged.

The drivers remained in the vehicles and there didn’t appear to be any serious injuries, although the driver of the Volvo was put on a stretcher to receive medical treatment.

Four police vehicles and an ambulance responded to the scene, close to the Echo Hose Hook & Ladder firehouse. Officers directed traffic during the investigation and while waiting for a tow truck to arrive.

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The Volvo was removed on a Southside Automotive of Sheltoflatbed tow truck while the Taurus was eventually driven out of the road by the driver. A Southside worker swept up broken glass and plastic from the scene.

Vehicle fluids leaked onto the road

Fluids — such as anti-freeze — could be seen leaking from the Volvo onto the road surface.

The accident scene was cleared up about 20 minutes after the incident, at about 5:15 p.m.

It occurred at one of the busiest times of the day for traffic downtown, although traffic in the area generally seemed lighter today than usual — perhaps because of summer vacations.

What may have happened

It appears the Volvo was coming from the direction of Plumb Memorial Library on Coram Avenue and was turning left onto White Street, while the Taurus was traveling the opposite direction on Coram Avenue, when the collision occurred.

One man at the scene, who had not observed the accident, said vehicle collisions are all too common in downtown Shelton. He works in a nearby building.

“There’s a lot of traffic at this time of day,” he said.

The man said the Coram Avenue/White Street intersection presents challenges for drivers, many of whom are attempting to take a shortcut during the evening commute to avoid what is perhaps the worst downtown bottleneck — at Howe Avenue and Center Street.

There is no traffic light at the three-way intersection involving Coram Avenue and White Street, but vehicles on White Street do have a stop sign. White Street is a hilly road, and vehicles are on an incline when they must turn onto Coram Avenue in either direction.

The man said he would favor making White Street a one-way road in the area to try to cut down on accidents.