Drill shows Shelton firefighters how to handle machine accidents

Thirty-two Shelton firefighters participated in a training course on Sunday that focused on machine entanglements and metal impalements, including a mock sledding accident into a fence.

The training was part of an eight-hour course, “Man vs. Machine,” provided by P.L Vulcan Training Concepts of New York.

The course combined classroom time as well as field training, covering topics such as disentangling people from snow blowers, meat grinders and heavy machinery, and removing them from rod and fence impalements.

A variety of hand and battery-, electric- and air-power tools were used, such as reciprocating saws, band saws, die cutters, angle grinders, rotary saws, and torches.

A simulated sledding accident

During one drill, firefighters provided stabilization and cut Rebar that had impaled a child mannequin during a simulated sledding accident into a fence.

Firefighters used a portable metal band saw in this exercise.

The equipment used in the training is available to Shelton firefighters on the department’s Rescue 30 vehicle.