Firefighters respond to roadside brush fire in Shelton

Huntington Fire Company crews responded to a small brush fire on the side of Bridgeport Avenue in Shelton at about 1 p.m. on Friday.

Earlier, a man who had been driving by the location pulled over, got out of his car and started putting out the fire. By the time fire crews arrived, most of the fire already was extinguished.

The fire on Bridgeport Avenue was across the street from Bertucci’s restaurant and in front of the United Illuminating facility.

Dry leaves and brush caught on fire, most likely ignited by a cigarette tossed by someone in a passing car.

The fire response was expected to be quick because the fire was so small. A firefighter temporarily directed vehicle traffic on Bridgeport Avenue due to the response, which involved one fire truck and at least one other fire vehicle.

Firefighters used a shovel and a hose on the area that caught on fire. No flames were visible by the time they arrived, but flames could be seen earlier when the man who had been driving by started moving leaves, sticks and brush out of the path of the fire.

Unrelated car accident nearby

At just about the exact same time, a two-vehicle accident occurred on Bridgeport Avenue at the intersection with Trap Falls Road/Armstrong Road (near Panera Bread).

One car appeared to rear-end another vehicle at the intersection (the drivers were both on Bridgeport Avenue heading south). The accident appeared minor although there was some damage.

The drivers were outside of their cars waiting for the police to respond as of about 1:05.