Firefighters work through the snow, rescue people trapped on Isinglass Road Saturday morning

Shelton firefighters have been putting in long hours since the storm dumped nearly three feet of snow on Shelton.

The Huntington Fire Company helped rescue two people trapped on Isinglass Road Saturday morning. The car became stranded Friday night and the firefighters received a call Saturday at 9 a.m.

“The road was impassable,” Huntington firefighter Marc Connolly said. “They walked a mile on foot to find the two people.”

Public Works helped clear a portion of the road so a fire engine could get down.

Two people were rescued and one was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Because ambulances have had a difficult time getting to calls, all of Shelton's fire companies  have been responding with EMS, to help get to patients and get them treatment.

Among other medical calls, Firefighters responded to a cardiac arrest call and administered CPR.

EMS and firefighters have also been checking on residents who have medical conditions and can’t easily get out of the house to get medical care.

“There has been a really good community effort, everyone working together and neighbors helping each other get out,” Connolly said.

Fire Chief Fran Jones agreed.

“The guys have done a heroic job the last few days,” Jones said. “Going through four or five foot snow drifts.”

Many have been working since the storm started.

“Some of the people have been on scene since Friday,” Connolly said of firefighters.